Paris, Summer 2023


Ahh, Paris! There is no city quite like it; it truly earns its' reputation as the City of Love! But I think it should also be known as the City of Beauty, Adventure, Culinary Delights and Culture. This was my first time going in the summer and as a warm weather gal, it immediately became my favorite (although I am not sure there is a bad time of year to be in Paris). 

As a family we agreed to one touristy thing a day and the balance for exploring and trying to have a more authentic Parisian experience. The later being limited by our lack of French (so sad)! 

Our touristy adventures included - going to the top of the Eiffel Tower (very missable, but glad we were there for the earliest time slot before it got too busy), walking through Montmartre up to Sacre Coeur,  the Louvre (we even waited in the extra line to see the Mona Lisa - my son was committed)!

The less touristy highlights included daily visits to Luxembourg Gardens where my kids played with the boats (both with friends from home who were visiting Paris at the same time and with new friends made while running around in the garden), walking for miles in search of the best croissants (winner being Copains), daily yoga at Kind Yoga with various amazing teachers leading the class in French, epic meals at too many restaurants to list, but will include Willie's Wine Bar and Cafe Compagnon which was a total surprise winner. We had still not sat down for dinner at 9:45pm (my kid's normal bedtime is 7pm, but when in Paris...) when we stumbled upon this spot. Every bite was delicious! And lastly a tour of The Bilingual Montessori School in case we are ever able to make the move to is to wishing! 

More than anything we just loved walking around the city, taking in all the sites, smells and sounds! 

Mika Street

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